I'm João

a PHP developer @Optima Solutions

Who am I?

I'm a 24-years-old brazilian that wants to learn about everything. Currently I work as Web Developer at Optima Solutions in Vantaa, Helsinki, and have been working with web development for more than two years.

I like to learn things from different plataforms, such as FreeCodeCamp, Laracasts and Coursera, which provides me content but also have a space discuss and talk about new ideas with different people. Books are also always next to me.

I'm always searching for a new idea to develop something that can somehow help people. So if you're interested, or just want to get in touch, you can find me at jf.corsini@gmail.com.

My Projects


An online portfolio containing some of my projects, about me and technologies I know.

Dutch Treater

A project to make life easier when sharing a home and responsabilities in a group. This project is already working, but it is not online for usage.

Portal Duo

A portal to read about culture, people and what's happening around Londrina - Brazil and also my first website sold.

Work experience

Optima Solutions - Web Developer

11/17 - Present

Working on the Internet of Things team, I make sure that our web application is able to communicate with many hardwares devices installed by customers. My main responsibility is to develop a scalable, reliable and maintainable backend that consists of well tested & documented APIs, messaging queues for reliability and a distributed search engine for scalability and full text search.

Arquivei - Junior Developer

12/16 - 10/17

Besides working on the core backend application of Arquivei, as Junior Developer I also worked on building from scratch a microservice that uses Golang's concurrency as its core. This microservice was built to parse multiple incoming documents and store them on a distributed search engine, which could be read as requested. All the requests were saved as logs for auditing and everything was real time monitored.

Arquivei - Full-Stack Developer Intern

07/16 - 12/16

Working was an intern taught me a lot about software engineering, how to work on a team of developers and a lot about web development. My main responsibilities were to develop new features, review my colleague's code, prepare tests and write scripts to run in production. Since the company's focus was on storing documents, I had to opportunity to lean a lot about web infrastructure, from storing, queuing and running serverless applications.

Embraer - Engineering Intern

04/16 - 07/16

Generated new visualization tools for the Embraer E-Jet E2 family to help on the flight test campaign. Data was processed using Python and Matlab while results were updated on a web page using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP and mySQL. This position has allowed me to strengthen my coding skills while learning how to build tools from scratch.

F-Secure - Summer Intern

04/14 - 07/14

By being an intern at the Localization & Documentation team, I learned and worked on software testing for the main security products of the company to ensure quality of the services in all available languages. It was interesting to see how it is to work at a multinational company and also to see the finnish culture at work. I also worked with Latin America’s Team to improve translations for marketing purposes.



For almost two years I have always worked with PHP as main language, and have used different frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony and Zend Framework. I also have experience working with GoLang, Python and C++.


Besides working really well with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, I also have experience with some frontend technologies, such as VueJS, React and Redux.


On the SQL side, I have worked with MySQL and PostgreSQL for a long time. I have also worked with Elasticsearch for distributed and full-text search. For caching I have experience with Redis.


I have experience using and implementing Docker to a new application and also experience with many Amazon Web Services, such as S3 for storage, SQS for queueing and Lambda for serverless application.